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We Manufacture All Kind Of Springs

Laxmi Spring Products

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Compression (Helical) Springs

A Spring Which derives its usefulness because it pushes against a load, which makes it smaller. We offer a wide range of compression springs, which are utilized in various industrial applications. From small to heavy duty springs with cold winding process. This is the most common type among all product range with variable pitch, conical shape etc. This type of springs applicable for Industrial Machines , Automobile, Packing Equipment, Ball Pen, Door, Lock, Lift, All type of Automation machines and Electric Products etc.

Tension Springs

A spring drivers its usefulness because it pulls against a load which makes it longer. We offer a wide range of Tension springs, which are utilized in various industrial applications.These are made to absorb and to store energy by creating resistance to a pulling force. It can be made with various shapes and sizes of hooks. This type of springs applicable for Furniture, Refrigerator, Typewriter, Washing Machine and various types of spring tensioning device etc.

Torsion Springs

A Spring derives its usefulness by traveling to return to original shape when subjected to a load traveling around its axis. We offer a comprehensive range of torsion springs, which is available in various specifications. Widely used in several industrial applications, our range of torsion springs can also be provided in specific construction as per the requirements of our Customer. This type of springs applicable for Motor Pump, Packaging Equipment's, Switch gear Products and various types of Machine components etc.


Wire forms have infinite uses and a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These forms can be a load bearing link with minimal deflection.These clips are plenty in design & shapes. They are used for connecting two parts or for locking a sliding part. Applicable in Camera, Computer Machines, Automobiles And industrial application etc.

Circle Rings, Rectangles & Hook

We offer a wide range of Circle rings , Rectangles and hooks in SS and MS metal solid bars, Which is use in various industrial machines, pullers, Nets and various type of Packing or sealing equipment's.

Sheet Metal Press Products & Die Making

We have self tool room of die making with skilled and most experienced die making persons and we make any kind of metal sheet press products with accuracy and finishing quality

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